Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We officially sent out Christmas Cards!!!!

This year I was actually coordinated enough to send out Christmas Cards! Even though I barely got them out the door, the entire process was actually fun! James took a lot of amazing photos, which we are so incredibly thankful for, the ones below didn't make it on our card but I thought were still so cute!

Our 9 month old!!!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Early Christmas present!

Christmas started a little early for Carson! As a result of him crawling really well and fast, Deda allowed him to open his gift from his Uncle Will and Chaz that he (and me especially) really needed- he got a Jeep Cruiser!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Carson's Dedication

On Sunday, we dedicated Carson to the Lord! It was perhaps one of the most amazing experiances I have had, and often I found myself holding back the tears! Carson, of course, wanted to talk and yell while our pastor was dedicated his Cousin Berkley, but when it was Carson's turn to be held by him and prayed over he was so still and quiet! Is was a great day!

This is a picture of us and the other Beal Family before we dedicated our little ones!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Video of Carson Crawling!!

I finally figured out how to upload a movie! This shows how well Carson is crawling, after he got the hang of it, he acted like his been doing it for years! He's gotten so fast!

Tis the season!!!

Brady and I got A LOT accomplished this weekend! One of the coolest things is that we have our christmas lights up- a first ever for us!!!

This is just one of the many great pictures I was able to snap of Brady!!! He deserves an even bigger pat on the back, because he won our of bet of $50 that he would fall out of the tree! ha ha ha ha

Deda came over for dinner and to watch him while we work, and they must have been missing each other because they were dressed exactly alike!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


The week after Thanksgiving proved to be very momentous week for our family!
1. We packed away all of Carson's newborn clothes...which I know should have happened forever ago, but I knew it would make me cry and was prolonging it as long as possible! Of course, to make me laugh, I made him try on everything again....even if it didn't come close to fitting!
2) At 8 1/2 months old, he finally started sleeping in his own room, I know again should of happened forever ago, but this one really made me cry! He slept perfectly, barely moved, and loved his new bed! But of course, like a crazy loon, I watched his baby montior all through the night....pathetic I know!
3) He started crawling......EVERYWHERE!!! I have learned to keep pants on him no matter what, because he's crawling so fast he's getting rug burn and scrapes! He loves it though, and especially loves getting into everything!
4) He also cut 2 TEETH!!!! Which I doubt I will ever be able to get a picture of, until they grow in a bit!

5) He's started to pull to stand, and stand without assistance! I need to take a picture of that and I will post it!